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Enjoying The Industrial Jazz Group

I just downloaded The Industrial Jazz Group's album City of Angles from Emusic.

As I first listened to this album, I got the feeling there was something wrong with their playing, that they were missing time somewhere. I wondered if they were just missing their sync and missed it in production. But, then I thought, surely a group this skilled didn't get lazy in the studio even if it was very subtle. I listened intently and realized they weren't making mistakes. That's what messed with my head! It was like I was listening to academics playing jazz, and my brain was disturbed.

Winamp Crashes Without Administrator Privileges

Running Winamp 5 as a limited user (specifcally in a domain operating with active directory permission controls), the program crashes. Microsoft's resolution suggestion is to contact Nullsoft for an update. Specifically, the problem appears to be related to the limitations placed on a restricted user. This problem can be easily resolved by running Winamp as administrator, sharing your harddrive with simple networking, and turning off your firewall. While you're at it, it's a good idea to turn on Messenger Services in Windows XP and remove all passwords from your users.

Open Office Groupware, Good or Bad Idea?

Is groupware a rabbit hole? And, if not, is it a good idea for the Open Office developers to start working on an open platform, open source, server/client groupware project?

First, let's remediate what groupware means. Groupware is a centralized system of some kind that allows people to share files and other information. The modern incarnation of this concept has basically been spearheaded by Microsoft's Exchange Server (promise as much as delivery) integration of office document management and calendar sync services. It's nice to know that Bob in accounting is going to meet with Phil the IT manager, and that you can sit with them to discuss your specific needs on Monday at 1:30pm, then sync with your documents in a central repository... or skip the whole face to face and work through the groupware system.

SSH2 SFTP in Dreamweaver

The short fix for (Macromedia) Adobe's Dreamweaver and Contribute failure to connect to a default SSHd sFTP account configuration is thus: you must enable
PasswordAuthentication yes

It's an interestingly undocumented requirement, but is required to connect from these Windows/Mac tools. The default SSHd configs seem to cause troubles. So, if you are an admin, just adjust the sshd_config appropriately and then:
ps -aux | grep sshd
(find the pid that matches sshd, then:
kill -HUP [the pid number you just found]

All Your Privacy R Belong to Us

Information giant LexisNexis announced after an
extensive internal review that a security breach previously announced
could affect some 310,000 consumers, including 15,615 Floridians. - The Miami Herald

In less than seven weeks' time it has been revealed that, in addition
to privacy invasion outfits ChoicePoint and LexisNexis, payroll handler
PayMaxx, Bank of America, health care heavyweight San Jose Medical
Group, California State University at Chico, Boston College, the
University of California at Berkeley, and a large shoe retailer called
DSW, have all lost control of sensitive data concerning millions of
victims. - The Register

eMusic Downloads

eMusic has special introductory deals where they lure you in by offering a month's worth of free downloads. It's a commercial service, not a filesharing system. You buy legitimate files that are licensed for download. I'm a big fan of downloading. It's not the highest quality sound, but then neither is CD. A 256 bit sample (mp3) is a pretty good substitute if you can't listen to the analog version (live). eMusic offers an interesting selection of music at a deep discount to buying cds.

Behold, the Podcast

The bloggers took over services during the 2004 election. The ever strengthening army of indulgent genXers have proven Andy Warhol to be the twentieth century's Nostradamus. Everyone who wants it, literally does have his very own fifteen minutes of fame. First we saw the text bloggers, photobloggers, the audiobloggers, even a few video bloggers. Now the podcasters step up for their slice of the fame pie. Poor traditional media.

Unix Help Blog

I had a problem with sshd, and found lots of useless theories about what it might have been, many worded as though the writer had a clue and wasn't just throwing darts in the dark. Someone pointed me to, or as he calls it "The Site with the Lamp". He just outright answered my question immediately with no garbage. Neato!

Gas Prices and the Economy

There's no question that substantially higher gas prices will impact the average consumer's wallet. The economic debate is how high is real bad and how bad will the impact be? Think about it in tangible terms. If you know that all your basic goods: food, clothes, business supplies, arrive in trucks that use fuel, then it's not a big leap to understand that if fuel goes up substantially then the cost of those goods must go up as well. Add to that the reality that most of us travel great distances to get to work, school, and the myriad of places we go to conduct our daily lives. So, you slow down your consumption, because you strive to limit your travels and things cost more. You consume less and therefor participate in depressing the selling market. End result: recession.

Warning, He's Geeking Out!

From time to time, I have to "geek out", as some call it. It's just a period where I'm enthralled with nerdy technical stuff that most people don't like to hear about at dinner tables, or luncheon booths in loud eating establishments for that matter. If you find my blog entries and articles relatively difficult to follow during those times, fret naught! I will soon return to the more "normal" world you live in soon enough.

For those of you that enjoy learning, rock on!