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One of Those Days

If you've recently had "one of those days" and you enjoy a little company with your misery, see these pics.  The last one appears to be a fake, but it's funny enough with the first seven.

While we are on the subject of humor (or sadistic enjoyment), check out this really bad joke.

MySQL Commands and Headaches

Creating a database in MySQL is a breeze. Once you log into MySQL as root (or a user with "all" permissions), you simply need to type in the following commands (example as if it were "nameofdatabase":

mysql> create database nameofdatabase;

Adding a user via permission seems to work most often for me. The command works as following, if the user is "user", the server is "localhost" (meaning you are using the same server for the database), and the password is "password".

Cool Tools (blog)

I came across this site some time ago, either by reference or clicking around on the net. Basically, this guy does a nerdy (nerdy like Scientific American, not SciFi) blog of cool gadgets, tools and books of all kinds. It's a great little read for the gadget nut. It's entertaining no matter what your bent.

One of my favorite entries is the one on Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers

eBay Understands Customer Relations (and, Profits)

This message from the president of eBay North America is nuts, in the traditional world of big business. He actually says:

"I know many of you already have Meg's e-mail address and frequently send her messages about things you care about. I hope you will do the same with me. My e-mail address is billcobb(at) I promise I'll read every e-mail."

What! The president of eBay North America is going to read each and every email from anyone who sends him one? Nuts! And, yet we live in a world (internet anyway) where we expect the president of a huge corporation to read personal emails from anyone his company may touch. The impressive thing about eBay, is that they caught on to this persona perception as it relates to internet business, and realized that instead of fighting it, they should embrace it and pretend that it's actually reasonable for people to be able to email a real person (even when it's about selling a five dollar Barbie Doll) and expect someone to read the email.

Clustering Linux and BSD

Computer clusters may sound like something only braniacs working for the government or some gene mapping program could use, but it has many applications. If you don't know why one would want to do such a thing, it may sound profoundly boring at first. However, when you learn that there are, in the works, development projects to make a single workstation or server link to dozens, perhaps hundreds or thousands of others to distribute the workload, thus providing compounded computer power - in other words, make your computer ten or an hundred times faster and on the cheap - then you may decide clustering sounds pretty cool.

Clustering is fairly geeky stuff right now.

Mepis Rocks for Linux Desktop

I've been using some form of Mepis for several weeks now, and it's very functional and friendly for people who want a Linux desktop and aren't very tech-savvy.  It has all the friendly and useful abilities most newbies to Linux want to see.  You can view medica files, including Windows Medica Player files and browser plugins seem painless.  Overall, it's a great  distro for newbies and avid Linux users alike.

With all the challenges I've seen regarding licensing of codecs, etc., it seems that there's a potential that these friendly pre-configured mods to Debian may prove problematic for Mepis when it goes too mainstream.

JasonN V.2

As I try to find new and improved methods of managing my content, hopefully the new website system will make life easier on readers and me.