Still seeking the ultimate task and process manager

People, schedules, information, resources, allocation, tasks, and a host of notes are what I need to track to run my daily routine. It seems like some system would do this for me. Yet, there is no centralized one stop shop to do these things. kind of handles many of these things. But, it feels a little clunky to me. And, since most of the access is over the internet, it's not exactly fast for many of my needs. Call it sales automation, contact manager, whatever you like. We all do this.

Working on a startup

I could say working "at a startup" or any number of similar things, but in reality it's like building your masterpiece from scratch. It's long days, short nights, rushed dinners, and lots of very hard work.

Right now, I'm reaching out to talented and savvy people. I don't really care what they're doing now, where they are. But, I do care about them being smart. I like surrounding myself with smart people. If that's you, connect with me. You never know what we may share.

Faith is a powerful seed

After marriage, life was hard for a few years. Actually, it was several years. I made a decision when my wife became pregnant with my first daughter, that my daughter(s) would benefit from a full time mother in their early years. We were both students. I decided (yes, unilaterally) that we would both stop school, boldly announcing "We have our entire lives to make money and acquire degrees. We only have one shot at raising a good daughter."

AWS Marketplace, a place to pick up more toys

I'm big on roll your own when it comes to application servers. I find using pre-built anything requires me to subject my planning to someone else's schedule and concepts, or just their laziness.

But, there are a lot of pre-built application servers available now through a simple store at AWS Marketplace. For some people this will be a way to trade money for time in startup. For others, it's going to be a quite painful lesson in prescribed vs. roll your own flexibility.

Exciting times and the mobile app space

It's exciting times in the mobile app space. Everyone is talking about the $1 billion dollar Instagram sell. I'll admit it makes pitching people to invest in my business is a lot easier thanks to that deal. So, Mark Zuckerberg actually did me a huge favor. The timing couldn't have been better. But, let's be clear: there's no such thing as a "mobile app" space. It's simply apps.

Good marketing, verse site for The Hunger Games is a neat play on the TLD for Pitcairn Islands (.pn) played off as the official Capital Network TLD, subtle, with a beautifully orchestrated verse site showing us the vapid and vain world in which The Hunger Games resides.

This site does it all right. The design is universal, the content is well structured, and the social links (top left) take you to all the social spaces for the movie's marketing voice. It's hard to do it better than this. Steal ideas from this marketing coup.

Simple lifestyle experiment

We are mortal beings with limited resources, limited time. If you lived your life like each day was your last, you wouldn't likely accomplish much. We must plan as if we are going to be here for much more time than we're guaranteed, which isn't more than the moment we have. Death, as Steve Jobs recently expressed, crystallizes the things we want to do with our lives. This lifestyle experiment will dramatically change how you behave for a very short period of time. It may influence the way you conduct your life long term.

Better sleep

Sleep is a major power multiplier for mental and physical performance. My experiments revealed (anecdotally, this isn't hard science yall) that in this order I received the most powerful deep sleep from the following and best when cocktailed.

  • Cold exposure
    10-20 min 50F bath before bed, and an ice pack on the upper back for 30 minutes seemed to be about 20-30% as effective as cold exposure alternative to baths
  • Carb restriction