Still seeking the ultimate task and process manager

People, schedules, information, resources, allocation, tasks, and a host of notes are what I need to track to run my daily routine. It seems like some system would do this for me. Yet, there is no centralized one stop shop to do these things. kind of handles many of these things. But, it feels a little clunky to me. And, since most of the access is over the internet, it's not exactly fast for many of my needs. Call it sales automation, contact manager, whatever you like. We all do this.

Working on a startup

I could say working "at a startup" or any number of similar things, but in reality it's like building your masterpiece from scratch. It's long days, short nights, rushed dinners, and lots of very hard work.

Right now, I'm reaching out to talented and savvy people. I don't really care what they're doing now, where they are. But, I do care about them being smart. I like surrounding myself with smart people. If that's you, connect with me. You never know what we may share.

Faith is a powerful seed

After marriage, life was hard for a few years. Actually, it was several years. I made a decision when my wife became pregnant with my first daughter, that my daughter(s) would benefit from a full time mother in their early years. We were both students. I decided (yes, unilaterally) that we would both stop school, boldly announcing "We have our entire lives to make money and acquire degrees. We only have one shot at raising a good daughter."