Clicks and counts

My personal blog is quite eclectic.  It's not intended for mass consumption.  I write obsessively at times, then go blank for months.  A friend once described me as someone "who sometimes has good content on his page, and then randomly just gets rid of it all and starts over."  In February 2005 I decided to stop erasing old and stale content and just flow.  If you can take it, I share (what I consider) all sorts of valuable thoughts and information.  But, how many people find it interesting to read on a Friday night or early Saturday morning?

Let's contrast an article I wrote four years ago about Windows Services (with a few updates over the years) and my latest blog posts.  I do this by starting an experiment.  I publicly turn on my hit counter and display each click each page receives.

By 8:20AM, less than ten hours after turning on the counter Friday night, the Windows article has nearly 300 views.  Where do people find that article?  It's linked on old, very old, and relatively old articles about the subject.  Where do people find those?  Google.  Oddly, much of my traffic (seen in analytics I'm not sharing right now) is generated through email, IMs, and other communications that don't link from any article or Google.  That stat fluctuates between 20-40% of that article's traffic.

What's more interesting is how few people viewed my blog entries and how little attention older, much more interesting posts received.  What does that tell me about  My visitors don't dig very deep.  Is that a bad thing?  No.  Should it change my behavior?  Yes.  Is it conclusive?  Of course not; we just started doing this ten hours ago and people don't click much at midnight on Friday nights.