Exciting times and the mobile app space

It's exciting times in the mobile app space. Everyone is talking about the $1 billion dollar Instagram sell. I'll admit it makes pitching people to invest in my business is a lot easier thanks to that deal. So, Mark Zuckerberg actually did me a huge favor. The timing couldn't have been better. But, let's be clear: there's no such thing as a "mobile app" space. It's simply apps.

There's no cloud, mobile, pad, notebook, portable, or web application space. There's just useful tools, AKA apps. People like segregation by classifications. Mobile versus cloud versus web, sounds like we're breaking things down into meaningful segregations. But, it's as meaningful as IE versus Firefox versus Chrome browsers. Or, perhaps we could break apps down by screen size, like 1024x762 versus 1920x1200 versus 960x640 (iPhone screen dimensions). It's true that the tech on an iPhone is different than a Droid. And, mobile devices usually have different environments and optimization standards from laptops and desktops. But, in the end they're devices that operate apps. And, apps should just work.

Don't misunderstand me; while I'm pitching folks I'll continue to use terms they understand. My philosophy, however, is that the screen size only dictates the UI specs and potentially limits or expands the features easily displayed. But, it's all apps and if you develop an app you should probably develop it for universality unless you're app has an extremely esoteric vertical market.