Iran Won't Seek Nuclear Weapons

Iran has renewed its pledge not to seek nuclear weapons during talks in Geneva with European Union countries. - BBC

Doesn't that settle it? Iran has said again it has no intention to seek nuclear weapons. What's the difference between this case and pre-invasion Iraq?

Saddam Hussein said he wasn't producing WMD, and as it turns out it appears he really wasn't. Sure, his son went on national television (Saddam controlled) and called on martyrs to attack the US and its citizens. And, he had been known to contract assassination attempts on a US president. But everyone now knows he never posed a threat to the US or its allies. Logically, Iran doesn't either. Sure, they scream "Death to Israel, Death to the US," at every legislative session. And it is true that the government is controlled by religious zealots that openly aspire to wipe the earth clean of infidels and Jews. But, just because they have a nuclear program doesn't mean they intend to use it for mass murder. Why doesn't the world just leave them alone?

No Embryos Destroyed in Latest Stem Cell Experiment

Those apposed to destroying human embryos for science have been long asking people to look to the proven alternatives. There are many good sources of stem cells, and many don't involve the risks associated with cloning. Umbilical chords have been successfully used to treat blood cancer patients. Now, a marrow sourced stem cell is making news.

They are using adult stem cells extracted from patients' bone marrow to generate new tissue in damaged areas. - BBC

Silencing the Bloggers

It won't help anyone, big business or big media, to try thuggery to silence the bloggers. But, that won't stop them from trying.

Quite frankly, I think bloggers like the blogfather himself tend to be a tad too self-important. However, Mr. Reynolds made a good point three years ago (something he reminds us of on his article about dirty tricks against bloggers) when he said:

Lybia Holds Nurses Hostage

They won't call it a hostage case. However, Lybia is willing to release the nurses if the Bulgarian government will cough up some money.

This one fits into the "no good deed goes unpunished" category.

The five Bulgarians and one Palestinian doctor are currently on death row, and Libya's supreme court is due to rule on their appeal on 31 May.

But the six, detained since 1999, claim they were tortured into confessing. - BBC

Democracy Debates in Cuba

Ms Roque said the rally - held in a garden outside one of the organisers' homes - was the first open opposition meeting in 46 years of Communist rule. - BBC

It will be interesting to see how much more emboldened dissenting factions grow as the Cuban leader ages. His aging has to give the impression that the time of his mololithic regime is ending.

Diet Coke Splenda (Sucralose) Sweetened

When my brother and I were in Turkey, we found this amazing drink called Coke Light. It was fantastic. My tastebuds couldn't believe the old school Coca Cola flavor from my childhood. We couldn't read the ingredients and assumed there was some Asian chemistry at work that had yet won FDA approval.

On a short trip to Costa Rica, I found more of this fantastic beverage and brought some home to my children. Trying hard to limit my sugar intake due to DM-2 issues, I've longed for this option at home as a "treat" beverage. Now, finally, a Splenda/Sunett (sucralose/acesulfame potassium) Coke has been released to the US market. And, it tastes good.