Is Cellular Clone Implantation Murder?

In South Korea, a man's cells have been used to clone, creating stem cells that match his own body's cells. On the heals of an amazing scientific development, the ethical questions are bound to begin their circuits on both sides of the debate.

The ethical or lack of ethical challenges for me begin and end at taking a human life, when it comes to science. Improving humans, changing us, even cloning us doesn't seem to violate any particular belief I hold. It's scary, perhaps unnerving. Many Christians deplore farming stem cells from human fetuses  because they believe unborn babies are humans and that their lives deserve the same respect as those outside the womb.

Mexican President to Improve Labor Rights for Minorities in US

What am I missing here?

President Vicente Fox tried to smooth relations with the U.S. black community Wednesday after saying Mexican immigrants take jobs that "not even" blacks want, promising to work with the Rev. Jesse Jackson to improve labor rights for minorities in the United States. - AP

Angry Blogging May 18, 2005

I try hard not to get sucked into the angered crowed known on talk radio and right wing blogs. It's a hard thing to see my country, which I truly love, vilified or my faith mocked. Those in the press and various individuals worldwide seem to have strong resentment for my countrymen. I'm one of the first to criticize when my government does something stupid or responds to a problem by creating a bigger problem. However, our war on terror and the war to rid Iraq of tyranny were neither.

Day 2: Lower Carb Diet

I'm fat. I say this so you understand. I'm really fat. And, I'm sick (literally) and tired of it. The only thing I've ever tried that gave me a modicum of success in adulthood was Dr. Atkins' diet. Dr. Atkins wasn't clear enough, in my opinion, in proclaiming the segregation of his intent and what some of his followers did to his diet in extremes. Obviously, drastically cutting carbs and doing so for elongated time periods will help you lose weight. So, obese people praise this approach when it works for them. But, that's not really the approach Dr. Atkins taught in his program.

Dems to Revamp Primary, Create Major Power Shift

Democrats, looking to reverse their fortunes after two straight White
House defeats, met Saturday to hear competing proposals to revamp the
election calendar used to choose a presidential nominee every four years - AP

This is seriously big. The shift in how the primary process works could drastically change the candidates and perhaps invigorate the primary process. Many people outside the first few states barely pay attention to the primary process. What's the point? If you're in Alabama or Texas, you don't stand a chance to impact the primary election. Distributing the influence can greatly impact perception of the system, creating a grassroots feeling about the whole selection process. It could even help the Democrats look like a people's party.

Martha Stewart "Apprentice" Spin-off

As part of a larger rollout of its fall television schedule, NBC said
"The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" will air Wednesday nights at 8 p.m.
beginning next fall. - CNN

No doubt, Martha Stewart is twice as tough as Donald Trump.  She's the woman Americans love to hate and love to admire.  Self-made, rich, tough, and smart, not only is she a good bet for the role of tough business woman, but she's also proven television talent.  My bet is this show will be gold.

Bush Steps Up to Biodiesel Podium

With gasoline prices soaring, President Bush urged Congress on Monday to encourage development of alternate fuels like biodiesel and ethanol to make the United States less dependent on
foreign oil.

"Our dependence on foreign oil is like a foreign tax on the American dream, and that tax is growing every year," Bush said at the Virginia BioDiesel Refinery about 140 miles south of Washington. - AP

Of Course Lodging Taxes are Unfair

The head of the state's department of tourism is concerned that the
Cullman City Council is considering funding expansion of a local park
by levying a 3 percent lodging tax on travelers -- 99 percent of whom
will never use those facilities. - Cullman Times

But, of course a lodging tax is unfair! Who better to tax than people who have no representation? The whole idea of a lodging tax, and the reason it's already higher than any tax on the local citizenry, is that it's a tax on people that have no say. It is not a tax designed to help fund improvements in the travel industry or to fulfill any other lofty public service ideal. Lodging taxes aren't about being fair, they are about raking in money.