SuSE Linux Mounting a Windows Drive

Working on my in-law's Dell, I decided to take out the harddrive to glean their personal files before I blew off the data. Their drive was heavily corrupted with viral software, including some written by criminals. It was rather easy in SuSE. I've done this in command line before in BSD. But, this was a nice little GUI process. I intended to use this tool to modify the drive before I finally load Windows on it again.

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QMailRocks and the Challenges of Open Source

I'm going to update this article SOON! I'll shortly be talking about my communications with, and trials using the documentation available at and

Before I begin, let me tip my hat to the work done at They have tried their best to make qmail work for a varied multi-domain email systems. That said, there's still a funkiness about that's all too common to "Open Source" products.

Warning, He's Geeking Out!

From time to time, I have to "geek out", as some call it. It's just a period where I'm enthralled with nerdy technical stuff that most people don't like to hear about at dinner tables, or luncheon booths in loud eating establishments for that matter. If you find my blog entries and articles relatively difficult to follow during those times, fret naught! I will soon return to the more "normal" world you live in soon enough.

For those of you that enjoy learning, rock on!

Federal Income Tax Reporting... and, Software Screwups

If you receive W2s, and you likely do, you give those as sole evidence of income reporting and tax remitted for certain forms of income. Some of us have small businesses that receive W2s, some of us receive them from jobs, and some of us receive them for all sorts of other reasons. But, no matter how or why you receive W2s, you should know something about the software that generates these reporting documents. It may report something completely different that the amount of money you actually paid the government. It's possible you have paid more tax (or more has been taken from your check) than is reported in your W2.

Shopping Carts Today

When I first looked at marketing online, it never dawned on me
that I may one day be in the business of providing such services.
I was selling stuff. I just wanted to sell stuff online.
How simple, I thought, it would be to put products on the internet
and let people buy them. Little did I know, this would become a
very time consuming adventure that has now taken up much of the
previous eight years of my life.

What's a Strip Bond?

Canadians seem to like strip bonds. The likelihood is strong that there is some kind of tax advantage that Canadians capitalize. Americans also use these financial instruments.

As best I can tell, this was a method used by some to offload tax liability to younger family members. For example, a parent or grandparent may want to purchase such a financial product to pass funds onto progeny and avoid the income in the investment product. The child accepts the bond that grows, the face value returns to the purchaser, and the capital gains are seperated. It may have been a good way to avoid the gift tax when passing wealth onto a child before one's death.

Blogs and Links of March 8, 2005

There's tons of stuff on blogs every single day. And, a bit happens to catch my attention. Most of you would find the more interesting stuff (at least the stuff that really interests me) only slightly interesting most of the time. But, occasionally I feel the need to post something that I believe would just brighten your day... or send you into hysterics.

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Surely, there's many many more things people were talking about yesterday. There's a lot of political news, and my opinion on some of it, to read here all the time. Alabama passed (on the first level of the law process) the marriage protection act we've been discussing in the state. It will go before the people of Alabama for referendum.